How To Easily Find WiFi Password Of WiFi Network On Windows Pc

I know its very annoying when you forget your WIFI password and trying to guess and recover the correct one but you fail to guess. Or else this method will also work to find the password of your, friends wifi if in case he is not allowing to use his wifi. Or any wifi network on any windows PC as long as the password is saved on the PC. Anyways in this post, I will show you how to find wifi password in the simplest way possible


Procedure :

first, open the start menu in that click on control panel

find WiFi Password
now click on view network status and tasks under network and sharing center

next, click on change adapter setting which is on the left side of the window

find WiFi Password
and now select your wireless network connection and right click on that and click on the status

find WiFi Password

after that click on wireless properties and then select the security tab

find WiFi Password
in this tab, you can find your wireless network details. But now you just wanna check the little box which says show characters

find WiFi Password

so in the third box, you can find the password of your current  wifi network.



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