How To Create Windows Bootable Usb Pendrive Without Command Prompt

Windows Bootable USB Pendrive

So you just came here because you messed up your computer’s operating system and you are looking to reinstall fresh operating system using your Pendrive but not with CD/DVD Drive. so you are on the right place because in this post I will show you how you can create a Windows Bootable USB Pendrive to install fresh windows 7 or 8 Etc operating system in the simplest way possible. lets begin


download  WinToBootic


Step-2 Next Open WinToBootic And click on Drop Source and select your ISO

Step-3 Select the ISO from the folder where you have placed Your Windows ISO File

Step-4 Select The ISO File and Click On Open

Step-5 After selecting your Windows ISO Just Select Quick Format and  Click On Do It ! Button

Step-6 Click On Ok and let the software do its work

Step-7 Just click Ok once you see the above warning and make sure to BackUp your important files present in the USB Pendrive because this action will erase your Data present in your USB Pendrive



Now Sit back or do your other task until the software makes your USB Pendrive A Windows Bootable Pendrive

After It is shown Bootloader Flashed and content written just click on thanks and Boom you have successfully made a Normal USB Pendrive to Windows Bootable USB Pendrive. so now you can use this Pendrive to perform Fresh installation Of windows On your Pc

Alright this is the simple procedure to make windows bootable USB Pendrive without any crazy Commands via command prompt on windows Pc. Do share this post with your friends and also check our website for more interesting Tutorials, Tips&Tricks and many more related to technology


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