How To Unlock Bootloader of Any Android Device Using ADB And FastBoot

Unlock Bootloader of Any Android Device Using ADB And FastBoot (Windows Pc)

So in today’s article, I am gonna be showing you guys how you can Unlock Bootloader of Any Android Device Using ADB And FastBoot on windows Pc. It is very easy to unlock the Unlock Bootloader of Any Android Device Using ADB And FastBoot, you just need to input some ADB and Fastboot commands and you are good to go. if in case you are afraid of bricking your device by unlocking the bootloader then don’t worry I will be guiding you through the step by step process to safely Unlock The Bootloader of your android device, so just follow the steps mentioned below



What Is A BootLoader ?

Technically speaking a bootloader is code that is executed before any Operating System starts to run. The concept of bootloaders is universal to almost all Operating systems like operating systems on your PC, laptop, smartphones etc. Bootloaders generally contain instructions to boot operating system kernel and most of them also have their own debugging or modification environment. As the bootloader kicks off before any piece of software on your device, it makes it extremely processor specific and every motherboard has it’s own bootloader. This is one reason that all Android phones have different Custom ROMS developed due to high variance of processing hardware present on the device.

Why Smartphone Companies Lock Bootloader ?

Nowadays almost all brand new Android smartphones ship with locked bootloaders even though android is an open source operating system, but still all the android smartphone manufacturers want you to stick to their default Android OS version that they specifically designed for their android device. Another reason is that they don’t want you to modify their custom skin and also if you unlock your bootloader you will lose the security layer provided by your smartphone company it means your smartphone security is at risk. With a locked bootloader on Android devices, it is impossible to flash a Custom ROM also if you try to force attempt you will void your warranty, as well as sometimes you may end up bricking your device.



What Is The Use Of Unlocking Bootloader?

So at first before getting started with the tutorial let me give you brief explanation about what is the need of unlocking the bootloader and why do we unlock the bootloader. Basically, by Unlocking the bootloader you will be able to install a custom recovery on your device. The advantage of custom recovery is that with the custom recovery you can install custom ROMS. you can also make a lot of modifications and tweak your device with a lot of Xposed frameworks. But do note that once you unlock the bootloader you will lose your device warranty 


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